The Most Popular Mobile Games for Australian Casino Fans

In recent years, advances in casino gaming technology have made portable devices an increasingly popular choice for fans of online gaming. This is due in no small part to a reliance of developers on HTML5 as opposed to Flash, with the former option being more compatible with mobile smartphone technology compared to the latter.

That spells good news if you are an Australian resident who enjoys visiting virtual casinos and placing wagers on the move. Especially since the most reputable betting establishments provide games that are compatible with iOS, Apple, Android, Samsung, and Windows devices to ensure that they are able to encourage as many clients as possible to become regulars at their websites.

As a result, you will be able to benefit from an extensive range of gaming options. However, as always, certain offerings are more popular than others. And to ensure you have an excellent idea of where to begin, we have provided overviews of some of the most popular Australian casino mobile games.australian-mobile-games.html

Avalon II

This 5-reel title brought to you by software gaming giant Microgaming will take you on a quest to recover the Holy Grail. King Arthur's aged advisor, Merlin, may make a random appearance and when he does may either grant you free cash or multiply your wins. One the other hand, the Lady of the Lake may appear in place of the magician and may grant you extra wins.

Another impressive feature of Avalon II, is its Grail Bonus feature which will be activated when three or more Grail symbols appear on the reel. The Grail Bonus feature contains 8 bonus games including:

  • Legend of the Lake: Here, you will need to complete the legendary sword, Excalibur and will have your stake multiplied by 15 in the event of success.
  • Misty Vale: Here, you get to select your extra wild symbol as well as 15 free spins. Following this point, you will be asked to select either the third or fourth bonus games.
  • The Whispering Woods: Here, a knight will offer you five shields with the option of selecting one of them. Each choice will multiply your stake to varying degrees with 10 being the lowest number and 160, being the highest.
  • Forest Falls: This fourth bonus game comes with 20 free spins and Trailing Wilds as well.
  • The Dusky Moors: This bonus game involves matching two similar helms.
  • Morgan's Keep: Here, you will get 20 free spins which come with a x2 multiplier. You will also have the opportunity to gain a x6 multiplier on each spin.
  • Hall of Shadows: Here, you will battle a knight for the Grail and win a cash prize.
  • The Isle of Avalon: In this final bonus round, you will have the option of spinning four wheels. However, the fourth will only be activated in the event of your getting a zero on the third.

All in all, Avalon II is an impressive offering capable of providing Australian mobile game fans the opportunity to bag exciting wins during a fun-filled adventure in a mythical setting.

Game of Thrones

In this 5-reel offering, Microgaming brings hit TV series based on author G.R.R Martin's novels, to slot fans in a dazzling display of color, brilliant art and high quality gaming. You will get to explore the vast complex world of the Seven Kingdoms and pledge allegiance to one of four great houses once three scatter symbols make an appearance on the reels.

House Baratheon, with its symbol of the rearing stag, offers eight free spins and the opportunity to have your wins multiplied by five.

House Lannister with its golden lion comes with ten free spins and the opportunity to quadruple your wins.

House Stark with its dire wolf against a silver background offers 14 free spins and the possibility of tripling your wins.

House Targaryen with its scarlet dragon, offers 18 free spins with the opportunity to double your wins.

It is worth noting that each house also comes with a number of stacked sigils that can enhance your wins.

But what happens in the event of only two scatter symbols making an appearance on the reels? You will be issued a cash prize calculated based on the amount you have wagered.

With its impressive features and sound effects, not to mention its huge following, it is hardly surprising that Game of Thrones has proven to be a hit with Australian fans of mobile games. australian-mobile-games.html

The Dark Knight Rises

The sequel to an earlier, hugely successful foray into the DC Universe by Microgaming, The Dark Knight Rises is a 5-reel offering which has proven to be a worthy successor to its predecessor, the Dark Knight. For starters, there's an opportunity to see some of Gotham City's main characters in living color alongside the Caped Crusader himself. The graphic effects are rather impressive and the slot bears an uncanny similarity to the movie as well.

More importantly in terms of gameplay, the title also delivers rather impressively as well. Its free spin feature is activated when three or more scatter symbols make an appearance on the reels. This, in turn, activates two bonus games: Bane and Batman.

The former comes with the opportunity to receive Super Stacked Wilds with the possibility of wins. The latter comes with the possibility of every regular symbol being turned into a wild and of Heat Seeking Wilds being activated.

Whether you happen to be a fan of superhero comic books or movies, the Dark Knight Rises will prove to be an enjoyable experience with the opportunity to earn excellent wins.